Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Walking Miracle

Life is full of miracles and my life is definite proof of that fact. This week, throughout the Jewish world, we are scheduled to read the Torah portion, Shelach. This is the section that deals with the Sin of the Spies*and how they slandered the Land of Israel putting fear into the hearts of all the Jews who had come out of Egypt under the leadership of Moses. It records The Almighty’s edict that all of the Jewish men between the ages of twenty and sixty would die in the desert and not enter the Land of Israel.  This Sin of the Spies has continued until today as many still rebuff the idea that the Land of Israel is a land of milk and honey, a good, good place to live.

Somehow or other I was an exception. That is nothing but miraculous for a Jewish girl from Kansas. I grew up in a town of two hundred and fifty thousand people and among them no more than two hundred families were Jewish. From the fourteen Jewish kids my age in town I believe only six of us married Jews. Not only did I marry a Jewish man but I committed myself to follow the laws of the Torah and live as an Orthodox Jew. And if that wasn’t enough, somehow my husband and I were able to ignore the warning of the spies and decide to move to the Land of Israel.

We came to the land flowing with milk and honey with five children and lots of idealism. It was not always easy but there was never a day I was not thankful we had made the move. Probably the hardest part was the holidays and seeing all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who came to visit their relatives here in Shilo. 

My husband, a wise man, told me that we were building our own family and some day we would see relatives coming to us. Indeed, miraculously, the children are all married, most with children, and during the holidays our house overflows with loved ones.    

What a miracle for a girl from Kansas! Others can have that same miracle. This Shabbat when I will listen to the words of the Torah portion I will be praying for all of the Jews world over to come home. Then together we can bring Redemption and rebuild the Holy Temple.

*see the article, Sin of the Spies, from May 30th, 2013

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