Wednesday, January 9, 2019

My Small Claim to Fame

A quarter of a century has passed since the first time I saw someone I knew on Israeli national news. It was following a terror attack on a passenger bus and my good friend, whose son had been injured in the attack, was being interviewed. Underneath all my emotions of fear, worry, and concern there was another reaction. I can’t believe someone I know is on national news.

She was the first of many. Some of those in the spotlight were, sadly, there due to terror attacks but there were other, more positive reasons such as Torah topics, politics, arts and science, business, and various innovations. This past week it was my turn to have a small claim to fame.

Judy Simon from Arutz 7, Israel national news website, hosts a radio show called Life Lessons and she decided to interview me about my life and, more important, about my novel, Growing With My Cousin. Seeing my picture on the front page of their website caused me to experience a whole gambit of emotions from pride to fear of arrogance to embarrassment that I might have said something foolish to the hope that listeners would want to buy my book. There’s also the knowledge that in just a day or two my picture would be moved to the archives and very few would remember my small claim to fame.

In the meantime I’m enjoying it and am grateful to HaShem for allowing me so many ways of expressing myself. For those who would like to listen to the interview it can be found at this link.

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