Monday, July 31, 2017

Who Runs the World?

My last post, The Temple Mount, ended with a number of prayers. Some were answered as I desired and some were not.  I cannot complain, though. Even Moshe, our greatest prophet, was refused when he prayed to be allowed to enter the Land of Israel. And so I must believe that Hashem has His plan when He acts in ways I do not understand.

Contrary to my pleas our government did cave in to Arab pressure and removed the security gates on the Temple Mount. Yet my visit to the Kotel yesterday was calm. A number of obviously Jewish groups were able to go up to the Temple Mount and although the participants were barred from moving their lips in prayer the Waqf wasn’t able to control what was in their hearts.

The mother of the Solomon family, the family who’d had their joy of a new grandson turn into a tragedy by the murder of his grandfather, an aunt, and an uncle, is recovering physically. Emotional recovery for all will obviously be a long process but they are on the way there. Last week headlines declared that the family wanted to invite all of the Jewish people to the baby’s brit Thursday. On Wednesday three young teenagers came to my door collecting money for the meal that would follow the ceremony. No doubt there were many such groups all over Israel.  Surely the support of the country is bringing some comfort.

I was able to travel to Tahel last week and work my shift on the hotline for abused women and children. Once there my co-volunteer, who comes every Friday morning, told me that there had not been one call the week before, the week that I’d given into Arab threats and decided not to travel. That was a comforting thought for me. We talked for just a bit and then my phone rang. Someone asked if anyone spoke English.
“I do,” I announced proudly and  worked with the caller for over half an hour. It was my first call with a real problem and my co-volunteer helped me handle it reasonably well. I was able to leave Tahel that morning feeling good about what I’d done.

It was only later that I recognized HaShem’s involvement with the phone call. Being that I go to Tahel only every other week I wouldn’t have been there this past week if the Temple Mount violence hadn’t occurred the week before. And had I not been there this past week there wouldn’t have been a native English speaker to help the caller.
Who can possibly think that HaShem doesn’t run the world? We pray and He decides when and how to answer our pleas.

Ultimately, the time will come when our prayers of the last thousands of years will be answered.  The Holy Temple will be rebuilt and we’ll have our Redeemer eventually bringing us the resurrection of the dead. At that time Moshe will finally have his prayers answered and he will enter the Promised Land.
courtesy of Israel national news

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