Thursday, February 23, 2017

False Prophets

Last week harsh weather was predicted. The forecasts varied from one meteorologist to another but they all seemed to agree that we’d be getting sleet and/or snow. Perhaps it would begin Wednesday in the afternoon or maybe in the evening but certainly on Thursday there would be a serious storm.

Just hearing the word snow sends me into an emotional state. Half of me, I’m not sure whether it’s the left or the right half, is intrigued by the thought of a snow day. In Israel all it takes is a couple of millimeters to shut down the roads. Then we’re forced to take a day off. That can be really enjoyable if the electricity holds. The electricity issue is what caused the other half of me to stress out.

Twice in the thirty years I’ve lived here, we’ve had snowfalls that knocked out the electricity for three days. That’s a long time to be without a lightbulb, not to mention refrigerator, computer, and all sorts of other modern comforts. So when I first heard the predictions I made my way to the grocery store and stocked up on food that could be cooked on our gas stovetop. After that I began to fixate on scheduling the second half of my week. Exactly what plans would the weather permit me to carry out?

When I finally called it a night Wednesday evening there’d been no snow, just lots and lots of blessed rain. Thursday morning dawned with still no snow, but some ice. The rain continued. The snow never came. Did the meteorologists apologize for sending some of us into a panic and disappointing others? They did not! All they did was change what they’d posted as if we’d forgotten they’d ever mentioned the word snow.

Those weathermen certainly fill the definition of false prophets. They aren’t the only ones, though. There are the pollsters and the political seers, all of whom have had their mistakes.  Every slip-up they make just serves to teach us that The Almighty is the one running the show. That’s probably why there are so many errors. We’re very slow learners and we need a lot of reminders.

Case in point: I still check the weather report every day. Now, though, I’m trying to remind myself that G-d can change the climate in just a moment. He’s the one who decides who will win an election. And it’s up to Him when we’ll have peace in the Middle East.  It’s all from HaShem!
Snow in Shilo courtesy of Yonah Tzoref

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