Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Trick or Treat?

courtesy of keithroysdon

“Trick or treat for UNICEF,” my cousin and I cried out enthusiastically just as our Sunday school rabbi had instructed us.

However, the reaction of the man at the door was not what we’d expected. He scowled and gave an unequivocal refusal. Behind us were a group of costumed youngsters holding out their sacks to collect goodies.  For them the man had a smile.

“Sure,” his voice boomed out. “I give the American way!”

As he handed out his treats we slunk off to the next house where we were received far more favorably.

Now, some fifty years later, I wonder what was the reason for that man’s belligerency. Did he already know then that UNICEF, an United Nations program for providing humanitarian assistance to children and mothers in developing countries, wasn’t quite as non-partisan as we teenagers were led to believe? Had he realized that UNICEF funded textbooks encouraged grade-school students to hate Israel? Was he aware that their schools were often a shield for terrorist activity?

It was only several years later that I became conscious of those facts. Then the miniature UN flag that my parents had bought for me in the United Nations souvenir shop when we’d visited their headquarters was regulated to a junk drawer and eventually to the trash.

From time-to-time I think of that man who handed out candy the American way. How has he reacted to all the changes he’s seen in a half a century? Did he vote in recent elections? What does he think of the fact that both the first day of Chanukah and Christmas fall on the same date?  Was he cognizant of the countless calls for tolerance and ecumenism on the social media? Does he think it ironic that on the eve of these two holidays the United Nations Security Council chose to condemn Israel yet again?

In discussing the BDS movement last year Ayelet Shaked, Israeli Minister of Justice, stated, “It’s not politically correct to be anti-Semitic today, but it’s super-in to be anti-Israel”. 
I’m not politically savvy enough to understand why America chose to abstain instead vetoing the vote against Israel. This I do know. The United Nations Security Council and those responsible for the United States choice may be super-in but they’re morally bankrupt.

For decades the United Nations has been tricking the world into thinking that Israel and its settlements are the source of all that’s wrong in this world. Although their latest vote may not appear positive it’s truly a treat for us in Israel. Now we can finally begin divesting in their organization and channel the same monies to the medical care we’re giving Syrian refugees and all the other humanitarian projects Israel does. More important, the Security Council’s condemnation of Israel only serves to remind us Who to turn to for help. It’s not the UN, the USA, or the EU. Rather, it’s the Almighty in Heaven. He’s the One who truly runs the world.


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