Thursday, November 3, 2016

Curiosity Killed the Cat

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My maiden name was Katz and I was curious. My father always told me that I asked so many questions I could get a job with the FBI. So I was told that saying a lot but it didn’t stop me from asking about almost anything. For me, the idea of Paradise was a place where all my questions, from simple to historical to profound, would be answered.

How come my friend dropped me like a hot potato in eighth grade? Who really assassinated JFK? Why was there the Holocaust?

It’s probably my insatiable curiosity combined with a lack of patience that keeps me from enjoying thriller movies. I have to admit that I usually sneak a glimpse at the end of especially riveting mystery novels. Now the whole world is caught up with a disaster drama, namely the American elections, and I want to fast forward to the end. With a little time and patience I will find out who the winner is. However there will remain a whole series of puzzles to be solved.

How in the world did the United States come up with such lousy candidates for the office of presidency? Who is bribing whom to make what happen? Is there a secret agenda we’re not aware of? What will it mean for Israel?

And most important, what is HaShem’s plan with this fiasco? For I am certain He has a plan.

Our Sages teach us that in the end of days, once the Moshiach* comes, all our questions will be answered. They compare it to the time in Egypt**, after Yosef makes one unreasonable demand after another of his brothers when they come to buy food during the famine. They cannot fathom why he’s so cruel and harsh to them until he solves the quandary with two simple words, “I’m Yosef”. Then everything becomes crystal clear.

Curiosity killed the cat continues with a phrase not everyone knows: satisfaction brought it back.

That means I can continue wondering and questioning. The time will come when HaShem will let us all understand the comedy of errors that has been playing in America for months. I can’t wait!


**see Bereshit (Genesis) chapter 45

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Batya Medad said...

Trump got the nomination because of the primaries system, but Hillary got it because the party promised it to her for behaving during Obama's presidency. You must have noticed that besides Sanders, he had no opponant. They are waiting for her to finish.