Thursday, September 29, 2016

Newfangled Inventions

My son-in-law says if I’d been around when paper was first invented I would have complained that I missed the feel of a stone tablet in my hand.
He’s probably right. I’m somewhat of a reactionary and rather distrustful of any newfangled invention. My biggest grievance is that cell phone messaging is causing the younger generation to forget how to have a conversation. In my opinion they are so busy texting that they don’t build intimacy. Hence, the marriage crisis we’re in today.

And yet, like everything in HaShem’s world cell phones can be used for the good as well as the bad. Recently I had an unpleasant encounter with someone. Meeting her on a Shabbat walk I greeted her warmly. She barely said hello. Had I unknowingly insulted her? Was she angry at me about something? Maybe she just didn’t want to talk to me.

I decided I must clear the air. But how? I couldn’t just show up at her door. That would be way too invasive. A phone call wasn’t practical. What if I caught her when she was busy with her children? Or having a few precious moments with her husband? Or at her job? No, I had to think of a better way. Maybe I could just bump into her by chance. Since I had no clue as to her daily schedule that wasn’t very likely to work.

Then I remembered. This young woman grew up with a cell phone. I could message her. She could read it at her leisure. So I wrote I got the impression yesterday that you didn’t want to talk to me and am wondering if I’ve done something to upset you. I hope not… Exactly five minutes later I received a response reassuring me that nothing was wrong and apologizing for having made me feel uncomfortable.

So the air was cleared. I sent back a smiley face and now I feel I can go into the High Holy Days without worrying I’d offended her. As Rosh Hashanah draws near I pray for many things. One of my desires is that all of us will use our newfangled inventions for only positive things and all the modern technology will help us bring the final redemption.

May we all be signed and sealed for a wonderful year.

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